Champagne Fleury
Blanc de Noirs Brut

Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut

A noble upgrade for fancy bubbles

This is for when you need a nice bottle. The Fleury house in Champagne is known as a pioneer of organic farming in the region. Aware of the celestial cycles’ effect on their vineyards, the family established the vineyard as fully biodynamic in 1992. This is 100% Pinot Noir from the southern, warmer region of Champagne. The warmer climate leads to riper grapes, and beautifully full-bodied Champagnes. 


Pinot Noir


Cotes de Bars, Champagne, France



Our Best Advice

A noble upgrade for fancy bubbles

$ 45


Delicious With

Classic (very fancy) pairings are always fun – like caviar, oysters, salmon, or shellfish. This is also great with potato chips and for celebratory moments. 

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