‘I, Nomad’ Cabernet

Centralas ‘I, Nomad’ Cabernet

A hyper natural Cabernet

Everything about this wine, from the flavor to the story behind it is fantastic! A must-try for any red wine fan. We’ve honestly never tried a Cabernet with such beautiful bright fruit, a slight cocoa powder note, and a gorgeous mouthfeel. Some Cabs can have a striking ‘green’ note, but this one is pure fruit and chocolate. It’s like drinking wine with heightened senses – the flavor is explosive. Winemaker, Adam Huss, lives in South Central Los Angeles, where he tends their urban farm with the intention of connecting deeply to nature (and of course wine).


Cabernet Sauvignon


Mendocino, California



Our Best Advice

This wine will convert you to a natural wine enthusiast

Delicious With

Due to their tannins, Cabernets typically pair very well with proteins (steak and the like). This one follows that convention, but also pairs with a wider range of cheese and charcuterie, as well as lighter fare like beef tartare, since the tannins are a bit softer and the fruit flavors are so bright.

Their Cred

Centralas is a Los Angeles-based, ecologically focused winery dedicated to connecting you to local farming that improves the environment through wine that deliciously and transparently reflects that farming. They work with small California farmers, none of whom use herbicides or chemical pesticides. Some are certified organic or biodynamic. Others are small family farms that do great farming but aren’t certified anything.

Thoughtful organic, regenerative, and local viticulture reduces their carbon footprint, and prevents harmful chemicals from entering the land, air, and waterways. It protects the health of the environment, which in turn protects our health. It also provides a clean and safe work environment for the humans and animals who work and live in and around the vineyards. Ecological viticulture also protects biodiversity in the vineyard soil, flora, and fauna. This biodiversity grows more nutrient dense fruit resulting in more complex and vibrant wine.

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