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An ‘ah ha’ moment wine

This is a very personal selection and one very close to our wine-loving hearts. Founder Christine’s ‘ah-ha’ wine moment was with a bottle of 1995 Cain Five, and the rest is really history. That sip of wine was so viscerally memorable, she can describe the taste even today. So now we bring you an equally show-stopping wine from this producer in Napa Valley. The Cain Concept is the ripest, roundest, fullest wine in their collection. The 2012 is a vintage of wonderful ripeness, showing the true potential of Cabernet Sauvignon grown in the classic Benchlands of the Napa Valley. It’s warm and generous, bursting with fragrant aromas and a giant mouthful of flavor that reads like a novel.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc


Napa, California



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Delicious With

Steak, obviously. Burgers, yep. Full-bodied mushrooms like Portobello and Cremini stand up pretty well. Braised short ribs in red wine, amazing. Hearty proteins work really well with Cabernet Sauvignon because the tannins in the wine basically stick to the proteins and help break down and smoothe them out. They make the tannins work, so the fruit and other flavors in the wine can shine. Also delicious with bitter dark chocolate – it’s the same kind of match-the-tannin effect.

Their Cred

Originally founded by Jerry and Joyce Cain in 1980, and now owned by husband and wife team, Jim and Nancy Meadlock, Cain Vineyard & Winery is cradled in a spectacular bowl overlooking the Napa Valley from the crest of the Spring Mountain District. They are dedicated to the creation of three Cabernet blends, each drawn from its own unique vineyard sources, each with its own distinctive signature: Cain Cuvée, Cain Concept, and Cain Five.

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