Domaine du Petit Gueyrot
3-Vintage Vertical

Domaine du Petit Gueyrot 3-Vintage Vertical

A journey through the early 2000s

The three wines in this lineup are from a tiny, centuries-old estate and vineyard in the Bordeaux region of Saint Emilion – a region legendary for producing some of the most elegant and high priced wines of Bordeaux. Pop these corks at least 4 hours before you enjoy them – they’ve been aging for up to 15 years, so these beauties need some time to breath. The 2010 is wildly aromatic, 2009 is powerfully bold, and the 2005 opens like a first-edition Dickens novel – delicate pages and flowery descriptions.


Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon


Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, France

Our Best Advice

A very special gift for any wine lover

Delicious With

Rich meats, like duck or rillettes are great complements due to the rich fat content that balances the freshness of the wines. Comté or similarly mild, slightly sweet cheese is a nice lighter complement. Roasted lamb or anything a bit gamey with rosemary or thyme bring out the savory side. Roasted herby mushrooms are a nice vegetarian option. Or, go big with a sticky rack of ribs, dripping in a sweet, savory sauce.

Their Cred

Domaine du Petit Gueyrot is a generations-old property and vineyard now stewarded by Christian Neycenssas (locally known as “Kiki”). He still farms, makes wine, and lives in a most traditional way. Known to set out on hunting trips in the woods a foot for days with his loyal dog, Kiki passionately upholds the tradition in everything. His wines reflect the rustic elegance of Saint Emilion, known as the oldest and most picturesque region in Bordeaux.

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