Bodegas Tempore
Generación 76

Bodegas Tempore Generación 76

Like a big hug from Grandma

A dusty, chewy, old-vine treasure. This wine tastes like it’s been around for a while. It’s wise in a way that feels calm and knowledgeable. Nothing nervy or unstable about this – it’s sage and warming and may give you some grandfatherly or grandmotherly advice. Without knowing, this wine can teach you about what a balanced, rich, mature flavor is like. After this bottle you may judge or rather, measure all others against it. For good reason.




Bajo Aragón, Spain



Our Best Advice

Drink this wine when you need some extra comfort

Delicious With

Tempranillo is incredible with pork. We’ll give some alternatives for those who may not be pork fans, but let us chat about pork for a moment. There is an incredible interplay between the sweet, rich, and fatty flavors in pork and the crushed berry, smoky, earthy flavors of Tempranillo. Slow roasted pork shoulder, suckling pig, pork sausages, or bacon. Honestly every and all pork is divine with this wine. If that’s not your thing, polenta or any corn-based dishes are an excellent pairing. Also a fantastic complement to Mexican food – it legitimately pairs well with beans, rice, mild cheese, and tortilla chips.

Their Cred

Located just west of Barcelona and the birthplace of Goya, Bodegas Tempore is a family-owned project with four generations of viticultural history begun by Yago Aznar. The winery was founded in 2002 and is certified organic. They cultivate old-vine Garnacha and Tempranillo, as well as some newer plantings. In the cellar, they use minimal and traditional practices to evoke true expressions from their vines. The family’s passion and the age and history of the vines can be tasted in the glass. 

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