Bisson Glera

The best ‘Prosecco’

If you enjoy Prosecco, this is essentially a Prosecco, as it’s made from the Prosecco grape, Glera. However, this is a bone-dry rendition of the sparkling wine and very unique in that it does not carry the Prosecco label. Capped with a crimped bottle top, this wine now falls outside of recently changed appellation laws that require a cork closure for a “Prosecco” designation. Sourced from prestigious hand-harvested vineyards on the hillsides of Valdobbiadene, this wine is the best non-Prosecco you will ever drink. 




Valdobbiadene, Italy



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The all-day sparkling

Delicious With

Prosecco makes for a very good cocktail, a Mimosa, Bellini, etc. But, not surprisingly, it’s a very versatile wine to pair with food. It’s a great palate cleanser between bites of cheese, salumi, spiced nuts, or pickles. Because of its vibrant aromatics and bubbles, Prosecco matches well with spicy curries, and fragrantly spiced dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

Their Cred

Winemaker, Pierluigi Lugano, is a serious student of oenology and an expert on the local grape varieties. His passion extends to the preservation of local traditions from the Cinque Terre region. While most of the more commercial wine labeled as Prosecco is sourced from flat, machine-worked vineyard land in the plains below the foothills, the wine sourced from the Valdobbiadene appellation is from steeply-sloped hillsides in the series of valleys ranging east from the village.  The soil is composed of glacial deposits from the Dolomites.  Due to the landscape, all of the vines must be worked by hand at every stage of the growing season, including harvest. 

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