Bisson Ciliegiolo

A perfect cheese and charcuterie Rosé

This Italian Rosé is from the region where Cinque Terre is located. A series of steeply terraced hillside towns linked together by a narrow trail ambling along the Mediterranean coastline. The landscape is stunning, as is the food, the people, the sunsets, and the wine. Ciliegiolo is a traditional red grape variety that is rarely seen. Lugano, the winemaker, vinifies it to showcase its intensely red color and gorgeously punchy, fruity character. This is the perfect winter Rosé, with all its deep, dark cranberry fruit, and it’s also stunningly dry. It tastes like a dark cherry pie just exploded in your mouth – but without the sugar. Only 400 cases ever reach the U.S.







Our Best Advice

Think of this more like a chilled red, than a Rosé

Delicious With

Great with spicy foods, or anything with a bite to it. The tart, punchy flavors cool off the heat very well. Also nice with pomegranates, pine nuts, raisins, or any berry jam. Smoked meats and cheeses are a fun way to bring out the fruity notes in the wine, as the smokiness will highlight some of the brighter flavors.

Their Cred

Enoteca Bisson was born in 1978 when Pierluigi Lugano fell in love with the wines of the Ligurian coastline. He began as a wine trader, later became a wine merchant and finally a grower in his own right. He now splits his time between his busy wine shop in Chiavari, the wine cellar and his vineyards. Lugano is a serious student of oenology and an expert on the local grape varieties. His passion extends to the preservation of local traditions and this is reflected in the distinctive character and personality of his large range of wines from the Cinque Terre region. It takes a heroic effort to cultivate vines on the steep slopes of the Ligurian coastline high above the Mediterranean Sea. Mechanization of vineyard tasks is out of the question and everything must be done by hand. Only truly passionate winegrowers are willing to carry on the traditions that have come down through the generations since the ancient Greeks first planted vines on the steep, stony slopes. With the exception of an occasional experiment with barrel aging, Lugano vinifies his entire range of wines in stainless steel to preserve the essential fruit of each vineyard site and each grape type.

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