Birds of Passage

Birds of Passage Rosé

Delicate as afternoon tea, think cherry scones and clotted cream

Dark cherries and clotted cream topped with freshly grated nutmeg. Topped on a thinly layered puff pastry, just out of the oven, so delicate it crumbles at the touch. There is a remarkable softness to this wine – surprisingly soft above the layers of complexity and depth of flavor. The pale blush color is deceiving and shows the delicate touch of the winemaker.  A wine to be both savored and devoured with loads of inspired cooking.




Santa Barbara, California



Our Best Advice

This was a restaurant exclusive, so enjoy it while it’s still available!

Delicious With

Cured meats, game, roasted fare and spiced dishes. A great match for salty or cured foods with its low tannins. The rich fruit character will stand up to bigger flavors, so don’t be afraid to pair this with lots of wild herbs and baking spice. Fennel is also a nice complement.

Their Cred

Currently in its second vintage, Birds of Passage is a partnership between Gjelina/Gjusta Wine Director, Henry Beylin and Peter Hunken and Amy Christine of Holus Bolus Wines. They came together to create natural, low-intervention, organically farmed, low alcohol and low sulfur wines that are perfectly food friendly. These gorgeous wines were previously exclusive to Gjelina restaurants and are now available outside of the restaurant world in very small quantities. Enjoy!

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