Bengoextxe Txakolina

A wine as zesty as it sounds: ‘chah-kuh-leena’

Like licking a lime drenched seashell – this winemaker has unearthed an authentic and treasured puzzle piece of Basque winegrowing history. From a fully organic vineyard and made with its own natural yeasts from the region, this Txakoli is a modern expression of how fresh wine from this northern, coastal region of Spain can taste. Made to pair with mountains of seafood and fresh tapas, there is a classic zesty mouthfeel on this wine. It’s not sparkling, but gets a hint of fizz from the natural carbonation during the winemaking process.


Hondarribi Zuri, Gros Manseng


Basque, Spain



Our Best Advice

Watch a Youtube video on the classic Txakoli pour

Delicious With

Because of the zesty lime component, this pairs well with raw seafood, like ceviche, oysters or sushi. Also, it’s a classic Basque Country wine so pair with foods of the region like Serrano ham, sheep’s milk cheeses, and fresh seafood with any simple preparation. And if you’re looking for something special, the lime citrus in this will be the perfect counter to fried fish or fried chicken, so don’t be afraid to pair big with this one.

Their Cred

Distinctive wines, wines that speak of their terruño, or terroir, come from lovingly tended and organically farmed grapes.  It is this nurturing philosophy, rare in the Basque Country, a region dominated by industrial farming and winemaking, which drives Iñaki and Rosa Maria Etxeberria to produce Bengoetxe. Perched high up on a clay slope, their ancient farmhouse has been handed down to the family for generations. The locals have long affectionately nicknamed it, Bengoetxe, which means ‘come home’ in Basque.  After both phylloxera and civil war hit their area, the vineyards were ripped out.  It was only in 2001 when the Etxeberria’s replanted their land with the native grapes - Hondarribi Zuri and Gros Manseng, called Iskirita Zuri Handia (say that 5 times!) in Basque. Organic from the beginning, certification came in 2007, the first producer in the Basque Country to do so.  

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