Azul y Garanza

Azul y Garanza Rosé

A total steal for the quality and (size?!)

Yum, yum, let’s have another glass please… big strawberry and rose hip flavors with a hint of blood orange. Clean and crisp and mouthwatering! There is a laser-like focus to the burst of flavor this wine brings. Perfect for sipping poolside, under the sun while soaking in the long daylight hours and all the fun.




Navarra, Spain



Our Best Advice

Goes quickly!

Delicious With

Harry Styles and watermelon sugar come to mind – it’s a good time to bring out a watermelon salad recipe with tons of fresh mint and zesty feta cheese. Also delicious with strawberries – maybe toss some in your salad – or with poached or grilled salmon for a refreshing take on a heartier fish.

Their Cred

The Azul y Garanza vineyards begin in the lunar-landscaped (in harmony with the seasons and phases of the moon) Bardenas Reales Natural Park. Founders Dani Sánchez and María Barrena, along with María’s brother Fernando, work with “landscapes” – not merely vineyards - with each of their plots enjoying as much biological diversity as this harsh climate will allow. The surrounding plants, shrubs, trees, animal, and insect life play as much a part in the success of the grapes as the vines themselves. Winemaking is quite natural – with widespread, almost exclusive use of concrete vats, natural yeasts and gentle hands.

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