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Carbonic maceration and Carignane grapes make this wine special. Carbonic maceration is a natural process where grapes are sealed in a tank and spontaneously fermented with the natural yeast on the grape skins and stems. As the yeast consumes the grapes’ sugars, CO2 is released, creating pressure on the grapes and soon it starts to sound like popcorn in the microwave. As grapes are squeezed, the pressure increases. This spontaneous process creates a distinct, candied (but not sweet) flavor. And Carignane is a fun, frivolous, red grape that’s perfect for any weeknight.

**Serve Chilled**




Santa Ynez, California



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Serve with a straw

$ 25


Delicious With

Get very French countryside with this one. Brie with torn, toasted baguette, thick sliced saucisson sec, whole sardines on the grill, and garlicky pistou (which is pesto in French). With very little tannins, this wine stands up to strong flavors and lays more on top of the flavors vs. breaking them down or matching them, as many pairings do.

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