Aldo Viola
Saignée Rosso

Aldo Viola Saignée Rosso

Sicilian red blend with massive umami

Raisins, prunes, dates, a hint of black olives. Dried cranberry, brambly and wild – it’s intense without the richness. This has an umami note not unlike a high quality tomato paste. It’s the well dressed person at the party, the quiet and intriguing one – dry humor, very smart, and worldly enough to entertain the whole room. The wine is bottled with no sulfur and comes from organically farmed vines, which ferment with their native yeasts.


Nerello Mascalese, Perricone, Syrah


Sicily, Italy



Our Best Advice

Try this with a slight chill for a lighter expression

Delicious With

This wine can go heavy or light, which is why we love it for a transitional season. With a chill on it, you can serve as an app wine with charcuterie or lighter pasta dishes. For a heavier expression try this with burgers, BBQ, or anything off the grill for a smoky expression.

Their Cred

Aldo took over the family vineyard in Sicily in 2000. The grapes grow less than 20 miles from his home village of Alcamo, in a dry, hot microclimate not dissimilar to that of northern Africa, and buffeted by the same scorching sirocco winds. Aldo uses a rigid selection process to ensure the grapes fit his natural standards of production to make experimental wines that express terroir. He produces this wine with the “saignée” method – refers to “bleeding off” a portion of the red juice after a bit of skin contact. Aldo ferments it in steel, then ages it for a year in large Slavonian oak casks.

This Season’s Styles

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