Alain Milliat
Sparkling Muscadelle (non-alcoholic)

Alain Milliat Sparkling Muscadelle (non-alcoholic)

The fancy sparkling juice

A richly textured, deeply flavored, slightly sparkling grape juice that adults, kids, and anyone with taste buds is going to go crazy for. This is not just any grape juice, it’s from arguably the best artisanal juice maker in the world. Alain Milliat has redefined juice and nectar in a way that puts them in a different class. With a proprietary production process consisting of several steps: washing and crushing the grapes, pressing without heating, filtration then pasteurization, this process eliminates the use of preservatives and dyes. 

Serve chilled


Muscadelle grapes


Rhône, France



Our Best Advice

A delicious upgrade for a non-alc sparkling

Delicious With

Pizza and grape juice are perfect pairing together. For legit proof that this works, refer to the 1970s Sesame Street episode that features Bert and Ernie sharing a meal of pizza and grape juice. This sparkling juice can handle the acidity of the tomatoes and helps highlight the complex flavors in the sauce, making it pop. This white muscadelle grape is especially delicious with cheesier pizzas using a white base.

Their Cred

French company, Alain Milliat specializes in the manufacturing and sale of nectars, juices and jams. They’re located in the Rhône Valley, an hour’s drive from Toulouse. Founded in 1993, their premium juices, nectars and jams can now be found in well-known hotels and restaurants in Europe, Asia and North America. Alain Milliat uses only fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, so the process of production follows the harvest season. 

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