Maison Toutain | Cidre Bouché

Heirloom adult cider

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We hope you crush this and become a cider fanatic. At 4.7% alcohol (super light and bright!) this is truly the most refreshing beverage with an amazing smokey, cheesy, fruity, tart refreshing bite. Also the world’s best cheese pairing ever! Made from 35 different varieties of Normandy apples, this French cider is crazy delicious, an incredible value, and somehow also still rare – only 500 cases made!

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35 varieties of Normandy apples


Normandy, France



Delicious With

Cheese! Of all kinds. You will thank us.

Their Cred

The Domaine is La Couterie, the family is Toutain, and they’ve been distilling apple cider into Calvados for five generations, or since 1921 (commercially, that is; prior to 1921 the tax man knew nothing😉). This is a family of ardent traditionalists. They cultivate their orchards in the old hautes-tiges manner, season new barrels thoroughly with cider to keep the flavor of wood out of their spirits, and never distill any cider before it’s fermented and aged for six to eighteen months. Last but far from least, they use no additives—be it flavor enhancers, coloring agents, or sugar—and put no yeast into their cider ferments. It goes without saying that their orchards have been farmed organically for as long as anyone can remember.