The Classics

Three styles that never go out of style!

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For any wine lover, this trio features the most popular styles from revered wine regions - a Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, a Italian 'Barolo' and a ready-to-drink Bordeaux.

Francois Le Saint | Sancerre ‘Calcaire’
This wine is undeniable good! Grown in Calcaire, or chalky soils, where the water retention is higher, and the fruit becomes more plush, soft, and rich, versus some of the more austere and acidic styles.

Figli Luigi Oddero | Langhe Nebbiolo
A baby 'Barolo'-  smells like rose petals, has an herbal spice, and fills the mouth with perfectly ripened strawberries. It begs for food, so serve it with a feast!

Jean-Yves Millaire | 'La Rose Garnier' Bordeaux
Dynamite! Pretty and soft rose petals right out of the glass. This is Merlot at its absolute finest.

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