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Why Burgundy is famous for Chardonnay

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What a mind-blowing wine! Rich, smoky, savory, layered with roasted lemon peel, baked pears, and a hint of flint. Burgundy is a special place for Chardonnay because of the soil, the climate, and the long history of winemaking that naturally leads to acute expertise with this grape variety. All of that is bottled here. For Chardonnay fans and anyone looking for a memorable wine.

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Sylvaine & Alain Normand




Mâcon La Roche Vineuse, Burgundy, France



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Delicious With

A simply prepared buttery white fish, crab ravioli, mushrooms in cream sauce, seared scallops, and any preparation of cauliflower (roasted, steamed, mashed, fried). This wine is the perfect pairing with a classic beurre blanc sauce (classic French butter and white wine reduction) and any delicate ingredient with a big umami character.

Their Cred

Alain Normand hails from the Loire Valley, but his ancestral home is Normandy, hence his name. That makes him a Norseman—a Viking—and true to form he is a tall, red-headed man. He met Sylvaine, a Burgundian, in the wine school in Beaune. They began their careers by taking over an abandoned vineyard in La Roche-Vineuse with a métayage contract, a common agricultural practice in France whereby the landlord is paid in wine. Today, Alain works the vineyards, makes the wine, and sells off the landlord’s portion to négociants. He keeps the finest for himself. Sylvaine handles the office work when she’s not handling the two children. Domaine Sylvaine & Alain Normand is a typical family domaine operation.