Rosé Bouquet II

This season’s freshest bunch

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A beautiful pink arrangement of this season’s freshest Rosé wines will brighten up anyone’s day!

Division | “L’Avoiron” Rosé of Gamay Noir - All the goodness of a European rosé with the punch and smooth texture that Washington State fruit gives. This lighter-bodied rosé wine is supremely soft on the palate.

Press Gang | Savanna Rhea Rosé - Salty watermelon rind, grapefruit, and juicy pomelo – this rosé is bursting with a cheerful aroma and a pale sun-kissed pink color.

Papras | Oreads Rosé - A delightful treat from Greece. This wine reminds us of eating the most fragrant blood orange, with a light dry quinoa finish. It's both floral and nutty, punchy and light, with the nicest soft feel on the tongue. 

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