Riding Monkey | ‘La Petite Aya’ Blanc de Blanc

California’s answer to Champagne

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Only 180 bottles of this sparkling beauty were made! Each bottle is numbered – which feels special – and rightfully so. Made like a traditional Champagne, this wine develops its bubbles in each individual bottle as it ages for 3 years. Huge and zippy, this local sparkling will rival even the best crisp Blanc de Blanc Champagnes. Perfectly rich and tart, like salted preserved lemons, marzipan, and toasted brioche. Named for the winemaker’s daughter in her birth year – Aya is both stunning and memorable!

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Certified Organic


Presqu’ile Vineyard, Santa Maria, California



Delicious With

Made with 100% Chardonnay, the bright acidity and deep richness pairs beautifully with both light and heavy foods. Think Chicken Milanese, butternut squash with goat cheese, or creamy polenta and shrimp scampi.

Their Cred

Riding Monkey began as a project between two friends, Deter, a winemaker from S. Africa and Nick, an ex-medic looking for the good life, and their love of riding motorcycles. When it comes to wine, Nick and Dieter share the same belief; the value of wine is only measured by the company you share it with. The term ‘riding monkey’ refers to the rider in the side car. So they both had this crazy idea, got side cars for their bikes and made some wine – the kind they want to drink. They make delicious, premium small batch wine that doesn't take itself too seriously. It is meant to be enjoyed in the moment and shared with good company.