Quinta do Tedo | 8 year Tawny Port

A Port you can keep coming back to

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Tawny Port is a delight. A drink to keep on the bar, something you can go back to, revisit, and break out when friends come over. Perfect for an after dinner treat. Or experiment as a cocktail mixer topped with a good Tonic for a deliciously festive drink. Imagine richly sweet dried figs, hazelnuts, and walnuts, topped with orange marmalade, candied tangerine rind and mulling spices. Soft and generous with a viscus volume only Port can deliver.

Because Tawny Ports Wines have become so "familiar" with oxygen throughout their long aging process, they can be kept open for 4+ months without oxidizing or spoiling! Perfect to enjoy a little bit, everyday, for many days.

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Quinta do Tedo


Tinta Barroca, Touriga Franca, Tinta da Barca, Rufete


Douro, Portugal



Delicious With

Top with a well-made Tonic and garnish with and orange slice. Pairs beautifully with roasted almonds, onion marmalade, pâté on toast, hard cheeses (Gruyere, Comté, Parmigiano Reggiano), Creme Brulée, vanilla desserts, and nut tarts. Incredible with Pecan Pie.