Press Gang | ‘Cuveé Andi’ GSM

An elegant approach to a bold wine

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“Oh, super soft!” – sometimes we like to share the first notes after tasting our wines and this one hit us with a delightful surprise. GSM, stands for “Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre”, a classic blend of the grapes typically made in Australia. These wines can be quite powerful, and graceful at times. Usually named after the winemaker’s son Milo, this vintage was so elegant, Kyle named it Andi after his daughter. Think chocolate covered blueberries, pepper and thyme. It’s perfumed with a hint of violet and super luxurious like a black silk dress.

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Press Gang


Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Grenache Blanc


Organic practices


Robert Rae Ranch, Sta. Rita Hills, CA



Delicious With

Classic pairings with this blend are well-marbled steaks like ribeye, any grilled or barbecued red meats, roasted chicken, mushrooms, or charcuterie. This wine has the smooth elegance to also pair with more delicate roasted duck, black olives, any any Mediterranean style dishes with rosemary, thyme, or sage.

Their Cred

Press Gang is a project from Lompoc-native, Kyle Knapp. He grew up working in the meat department of a local grocery store and took an interest in wine – seeing all the different styles arriving behind-the-scenes at the store. He dove in, worked his first harvest at a local winery, Beckman, then headed to Australia, then back to Cali for two years and four harvests. Kyle had ‘caught the wine bug’ and started his own project, Press Gang, in 2010. Impressively, his day job is head winemaker at Stolpman (now locally famous for their ‘Love you Bunches’ wine), and this side-project is where he gets to make the wines he wants to drink.