Pinot Camp

For the Pinot Noir fanatic

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Say When, Stipa - Pale pink and incredibly bright, with crisp Pink Lady apple, watermelon agua fresca, and a touch of citrus to keep it fresh. 

Beckham, Estate Pinot Noir - Zesty cranberries, rhubarb, and herbs. This wine has this invigorating wild cherry, red currant, and pomegranate, but then it’s also got a forest thing going on with some wintergreen, tarragon, and cinnamon. A delicious 'wow' for any Pinot fan.

Sonoma Coma, Pinot Noir - Cherry tart with a meaty beef brisket core. This cult Pinot delivers the verve of a big city, bursting with dark cherry fruit, leathery grip, and bright, food-friendly acidity.

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