Opera | Lambrusco Grasparossa

A sparkling for the red wine fan

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We are a little Lambrusco-crazy over here – enjoying all the variety of dry, sparkling, food-friendly wines coming from this region. This is our newest obsession from Modena – a darkly colored, brambly, smashed plum on cedar planks and dusted with nutmeg kind of flavor. It’s bone dry on the finish and delightfully sparkling to keep the finish clean. Lambrusco is actually a family of red grapes with more than 60 identifiable varieties that fall under the Lambrusco umbrella. This one is made from the lower-yielding Grasparossa grape, is thought to produce the greatest quality wine.

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Modena, Italy



Our Best Advice

Bring this to the host for an app-friendly treat

Delicious With

Beautiful with full-flavored hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano. A perfect pairing for a classic salumi platter with prosciutto di Parma, bresaola, or dry-cured salami. Because this wine is relatively low in tannin (despite the rich dark color) it pairs nicely with salty, bitter, or pickled foods.

Their Cred

Opera (aka Ca’ Montanari) has rapidly become a benchmark producer for the region and is leading a new generation of producers that are showing what is possible with high-quality Lambrusco.  The wines are 100% estate-farmed and modeled after Grower Champagne. Founded in 2002 and certified organic since 2005, the estate is family owned and operated by the Montanari family. When designing and building the property they brought in one of the most respected winemaker/consultants in all of Italy to bring a fresh perspective focused on quality over quantity to this region. Opera has raised the bar for what’s possible in Lambrusco.