Old Westminster | ‘Take it Easy’ Rosé Piquette

A pomegranate cocktail

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A very unique blend of rosé wine and piquette (an ancient style of light, fizzy wine with upcycled grapes). This deliciously drinkable beverage was then blended with a touch of Verjus (a tart grape juice made with young or ‘green’ wine grapes). Bordering the line between spritzer, wine, and fermented juice cocktail, this is the bottle that starts the party off right! Tastes like tart cream, red orchard fruit, and a touch of sea breeze – like a pomegranate cocktail.

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Rosé Piquette, Rosé wine, made with Chambourcin grapes


Westminster, Maryland



Delicious With

Warm kale salad with butternut squash, pomegranate, and feta. Spicy Thai food. Snacks. A weekend party vibe.

Their Cred

Started by three siblings in Westminster, Maryland, this operation is legit and enviably fun! The brother is the farmer, one sister is the winemaker (female winemaker!), and the other sister is the general manager of the business - they obviously have a great time together. Actually, their mom and dad planted the vineyard and started this winery in 2008, as a reason to bring the kids home and keep the family tight-knit through a business they could run together. Their plan worked. Together they have created a wildly inventive portfolio of wines, using centuries-old techniques, and bringing back styles that have long been forgotten. They are putting Maryland wine country on the map. And it looks like they're having loads of fun doing it!