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NON1 | Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

Delicious bubbles without the booze

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Looking for an alternative? This gorgeously crafted sparkling wine alternative from Melbourne, Australia is one of the best non-alcoholic options we’ve found to date! The flavors mimic a Sparkling Rosé – fresh raspberries are steeped and infused into the mixture, while Chamomile gives a delicate tannin and slight floral finish. This beautiful non-alcoholic bubbly is crafted to pair well with food and keep you dancing all night long!

Delicious With

Great with citrus-y salads, dressings, and dishes like chicken piccata. Try with creamy desserts, or cured meats and cheeses. Mimics pairing for a dry Sparkling Rosé.

Their Cred

Created by Australian chefs William Wade and Aaron Trotman, the NON 1 Salted Raspberry and Chamomile was created to replace a Pétillant Naturel wine. It's a unique take on a non-alcoholic wine with an inventive recipe of raspberries, chamomile and Murray River salt, rounded out by verjus and pristine filtered water.

Winery   NON1

Type   Whole raspberries, chamomile, Murray River salt, organic cane sugar, verjus

Origin   Melbourne, Australia

Alcohol   0.0%