Noah | 'RossoNoah' Costa della Sesia

A Baby Barbaresco – the perfect dinner party guest

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Baked strawberry preserves with a matte finish. Wildly punchy in the glass, jumping out like a strawberry pie filling. Then this smooth, matte-textured mouthfeel softens everything and begs for a bite of Arancini (or pizza, pasta, brisket). Hearty from the Nebbiolo, then briskly sippable from the lighter Piedmont varietals – like a baby Barbaresco – Noah is the perfect dinner party guest!

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Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Vespolina


Piedmont, Italy



Delicious With

This hearty, but highly drinkable wine goes with a host of yummy dinner party foods. Delicious with a classic Italian spread of Arancini, pizza, pasta, or antipasti platter. Or go classic homestyle with braised brisket, potatoes, and roasted root vegetables.