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A white wine from winemaker Dan Petroski - the only producer in Napa Valley to make only white wines. His wines are inspired by the white wines of Northern Italy. This blend of Tokai, Ribolla Gialla, and Chardonnay is aromatic, delicate, and reminiscent of the greats from Italy. Each of Massican’s are very special, this being a particular favorite for the season. Named after Dan’s Grandmother, Annia, this is the winery’s flagship white - fresh and subtle, perfumed and mineral. Bursting with white flowers, with a gorgeously smooth mouthfeel and a clean mineral finish.

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Tokai, Ribolla Gialla, Chardonnay


Napa, California



Our Best Advice

Drink this on the patio with a nice meal

Delicious With

It’s fun to go full Italian on this pairing -  Prosciutto with figs or melon, simple salad with baby greens, grilled white fish with lemon. Also great with fresh corn or creamy polenta – the sweetness brings out the subtle fruit in the wine while the lean acidity in the wine brings a wonderful freshness to the corn.

Their Cred

Massican was started by Dan Petroski, a former New York ‘Ad Man’ who fell in love with the white wines of Northern Italy. He quit his job, moved to California and the rest is kind of history. Driven by what white wine should be – modern, spirited and perfect for every day, Dan takes the best of what California vineyards have to offer and approaches winemaking with a Mediterranean flair. He’s also the head winemaker at Larkmead – so his second life as a winemaker is clearly his calling!