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Luuma | Cabernet Sauvignon

Napa-style Mahogany bookshelves & soft leather chairs

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Lúuma is named after the original name of the Miwok village, Péta Lúuma (now known as Petaluma in NorCal). Started in 2016 as a project between Scribe Winery and Revel Wine Distributors as a project to bring excellent Napa wine to everyone at a great price!
100% organically grown Cabernet Sauvignon. 
Made in French oak barrels, this wine is an elegant Napa beauty. This wine delightfully ready to drink and leans more to restraint than the "more is more" philosophy of some in the region. Bursting with blueberry jam, sweet tobacco and spice, a.k.a. A delightful evening surrounded by Mahogany wood bookshelves and soft leather chairs. An outstanding Napa value!

Delicious With

Some fun pairings with this one are red cabbage, aged cheeses, truffles, honey-roasted carrots or grilled red meat — especially venison, lamb or well-marbled beef like Ribeye. Surprisingly nice with pepper crusted Ahi tuna.

Their Cred

Winery   Luuma

Type   Cabernet Sauvignon

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Napa, California

Alcohol   13.6%