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A naturally orange wine

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There is a wild earthiness to the wine – almost like fresh-pressed carrot juice, the way it’s sweet, earthy, and rich. Imagine a ripe pear with the layered complexity in the freshest, cleanest, brightest orange you’ve ever tasted. This wine comes from a fully organic vineyard, in an untouched mountain range 4,000 feet above sea level outside of San Diego, California. Made from a native Italian grape variety, Falanghina, this wine is both earthy and fresh.

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Los Pilares




San Diego, California



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Delicious With

The bright, earthy notes in this wine are great for the meatier side of seafood – think seared scallops (delish!), grilled mahi mahi, swordfish, barbequed clams, or shell-on prawns. Fish tacos, also fish tacos. This has a very ‘crispy-skin’ vibe, so anything with a good char or crisp off the open fire like crispy drumsticks or salmon skin are a beautiful treat.

Their Cred

Los Pilares is an exciting wine project in North San Diego County, an emerging but relatively unknown California wine region (despite having history of grape growing and wine production in the area that dates back to the colonial period). They're all about making honest, unadulterated wines with the goal of letting the fruit and terroir of this unique region express itself. They ferment with native yeasts, use zero oak and the wines are never filtered or fined.