Little Frances | Semillon

A California-style white Bordeaux

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Winemaker Erin Pooley fell in love with the Semillon grape and its potential for massive complexity as it ages (similar to the tradition in Bordeaux). Semillon is a grape most famously known in Bordeaux, France where it is either blended with Sauvignon Blanc to make “white Bordeaux” or made into the lusciously sweet wines of Sauternes.

This genius wine has all the classic citrus of Semillon, with a complex savoriness that comes with the time in barrel and in bottle. The oak here is neutral, meaning it doesn’t impart any ‘oaky’ flavors, but gives a gentile oxidation which helps develop more texture and a deeper flavor.

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Luchsinger Vineyard, Lake County, California



Delicious With

Semillon can pair nicely with sushi, sashimi, or seared fish like tuna, but since this is aged a bit, it can also handle some richer more savory dishes. Roasted chicken or fish in a cream sauce, amazing with scallops or shell-on grilled lobster or prawns. Seafood risotto or honey-glazed ham.

Their Cred

Little Frances is made by Erin Pooley, who was born in Sydney, Australia. After studying winemaking in Australia, Erin became enamored with the nuance of white wines with bottle age. She moved to California and started her company in 2012 after falling in love with Semillon grapes from the Luchsinger Vineyard in Lake County, California. From the beginning Erin knew that she wanted to explore the depth of Semillon. In Australia the grape makes very light, zippy citrus driven wines that can be a little austere in their youth, but gain depth, richness, and complexity as they age. Erin wanted this – and has found it!