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The most holiday Sauvignon Blanc

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This spectacular blend of Sauv Blanc and a native Austrian grape, Welschriesling (no relation to Riesling), is built like no other for the holidays. Huge baked apple and cinnamon aromas, with some dried apricot and a little flint to keep it grounded. It’s mouth-filling with some burnt orange peel, steeped black tea, and a hint of grapefruit. Clearly the wine was made with food in mind.

This husband and wife team lives the true farmstead life in a tiny town in Austria where they grow and make wine, run a restaurant exclusively supplied by their farm, grow their own produce, raise pigs, make bread, and raise their kids. Living the good life must yield high amounts of energy!

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Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling


Certified Biodynamic


Burgenland, Austria



Delicious With

Love this with savory apple dishes like baked apple and pork chops, apple and thyme tart, yogurt chicken salad sandwich with granny smith apple, sweet potato with goat cheese and apples, warm kale salad with apples and bacon. We could go on...

Their Cred

From a husband and wife living the true farmstead lifestyle. In a tiny town in the region of Burgenland, Austria where they live and work by a wonderfully inspiring philosophy called panta rhei: meaning everything is in perpetual change. They believe their agriculture, wines and also, themselves are constantly evolving. They are open and positive about the need for change and continually adapting to what’s happening in the ever-changing world.