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Limus | Big Dawg Red

Low grip, big quench

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This is a juicy blend of big Aussie reds, with this friendly touch of Riesling that invites everyone in. Lots of big fruit flavors from Grenache co-fermented with little fruit notes from Riesling and Cabernet making it more of a big little dawg, or little big dawg. Very approachable, low grip, big quench.

Delicious With

This wine has incredible texture and hits all the notes so pairing is a delight! Steak with béarnaise sauce, chicken pot pie, Moroccan spiced lamb with tzatziki, wild rice with tofu, mint, golden raisins and pine nuts.

Their Cred

Dr. Kyatt Dixon is a marine-biologist-turned-natural-wine-producer based in Mount Gambier, South Australia. Limus translates to 'seaweed' in Bislama, the official language of Vanuatu, South Pacific. Kyatt was "pretty into seaweed there for a while, and also pretty into coconuts," after spending quite some time in these remote South Pacific beaches getting to know the locals, their language and their seaweeds, hence the name. Kyatt and his partner Anna are based in the southernmost and easternmost part of South Australia, Mount Gambier, within the Limestone Coast, a region known mostly for its big dog Cabernets. "Down in the Mount” they do things a bit differently. Their tiny region is dotted with miniscule blocks of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, allowing them to make wines from varieties they love. They organically farm the majority of their own fruit.

Winery   Limus

Type   Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   South Australia, Australia

Alcohol   13.6%