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Les Lunes | Old Vine Zinfandel

An outdoors wine

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Zinfandel always makes us think of warmer months. It’s a dark, juicy red that needs to be outside – grilling, camping, heck – take it rock climbing if that’s your thing (just drink it post-climb 😉). Full-bodied with a friendly intensity, the way sunny days call for big burgers. From a vineyard planted in 1948, this is one of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in Mendocino. This wine will take you back to a time before Zinfandel became synonymous with jam and syrup. Coming in at only 12.5% alcohol, this is a Zin with a lighter touch.

Delicious With

Burgers and fries, hotdogs and potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, chili and corn chips.

Their Cred

Les Lunes is a vineyard-centered project from winemakers, Diego Roig and Shaunt Oungoulian - the same duo from another one of our summer wines, Populis. Blazing their own trail like the pioneering winemakers of Californa, they describe their mission at Les Lunes as, "growing wines that pay respect to the great wines of California’s past. We do very little in the cellar because we spend time in our vineyards. Proper pruning, precise suckering, well-timed treatments and thoughtful weed management lets us minimize the pesticide inputs in our vineyards. We do this to preserve the indigenous microbes on the grapes and in the soils, which leads to healthier and more complex wines that don’t need adjusting or stabilizing. Our goal year-in and year-out is to bring you a unique taste of the distinct times and places which we love and tend. The care that we bring through the entire winegrowing process shines through into the final product. Our wines are balanced in their youth, but the care we invest in the winegrowing will continue to reverberate in your cellar for years to come.”

Winery   Les Lunes

Type   Zinfandel

Sustainability   Biodynamic

Origin   Mendocino, California

Alcohol   12.5%