L'Arge D'Oor | Red Blend

The natural ‘Prisoner’

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This wine is like a vanilla scented berry cobbler, with a Port-like kick. Red wines typically undergo maceration (when the grape skins soak in the grape juice during fermentation) for up to one month depending on the winemaker's goal with the wine. In this case, the wines that went into this blend spent from 4 to 10 months soaking on the skins. When the wine spends that long fermenting, moisture evaporates, creating a more concentrated and intense wine.

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L'Arge D'Oor


Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot


Santa Barbara, California



Our Best Advice

A big red wine for those that like natural wine

Delicious With

Chicken thighs or any dark meat dishes. Great couscous or farro salad with dried fruit and nuts. Can stand up to big flavors like Moroccan tagine with prunes, green olives, and onion. Also, cigars.

Their Cred

Scott Sampler was raised in Los Angeles by two food-loving parents. Inspired by the beatnik life and food scene of Berkeley in his younger years, Scott decided to plant a vineyard in Malibu (that subsequently burned in the 2013 wildfires) and start making some wine in Buellton, California with some of the winemaking legends of that area: Steve Clifton of Palmina and Brewer-Clifton, and Bruno D’Alfonso and Kris Curran of D’Alfonso-Curran Wines. His style is self-described as ‘punk rock’ of the winemaking world due to his long maceration times and unconventional blends.