Lamoresca | Frappato

White Lotus watch party wine (from Sicily!)

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Alive with strawberry and cherry flavors, this is a nice Pinot Noir alternative. Bright, crunchy with a real energy to the wine – and fundamentally made to pair with food. Lamoresca was built from the ground up by Filippo and Nancy Rizzo, from Belgium, where they ran a small restaurant. The two moved to Sicily where they had family ties with a passion for natural wines and growing things organically.  This wine is made from 100% Nerocapitano, the local village name for the popular Frappato grape.

Perfect for the new season of White Lotus!!! We can’t wait y’all!

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Sicily, Italy



Delicious With

Not a lot of wines can pair well with or stand up to roasted red peppers or tomatoes, but this is one of them. Deliciously versatile, this rare, fruity wine from Sicily is also wonderful with all the Fall harvest foods like roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and chestnut stuffing.

Their Cred

Filippo Rizzo and his wife Nancy met many years ago when Filippo owned and operated a small restaurant in Belgium. At that time Filippo was among the first to be talking about and serving natural wines anywhere outside of Paris. His family had ties to Sicily and he was truly passionate about the preservation of the land and the importance of additive-free wine. After years in restaurants and retail Filippo decided to get back to the land the best way he knew how, as a winemaker. With a scant 11 hectare farm, 4 of which grow vines, Filippo and Nancy have built the tiny Lamoresca estate from the ground up. While reviving his own olive groves and vines, Filippo spent several vintages with his comrade and fellow winemaker Frank Cornelissen making wine high on the slopes of Mt. Etna. Lamoresca is the only winery for roughly 20 square miles where Filippo and his farmhand Gaetano work the land endlessly by hand.