Bubbles + Cookies Gift Set

Two of our favorite things!

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Bubbles and cookies are two of our favorite things. This rich, creamy sparkling from France will keep your mouth watering in between each cookie bite. 

Domaine Eric Thill | Crémant du Jura - This sparkling wine or ‘crémant’ is made of 100% Chardonnay from the Jura region of France. It's rich baked apple, toasted brioche, buttery goodness. 

Proof Bakery | Shortbread and Biscotti Cookies - From employee-owned and operated local bakery sensation, Proof Bakery in Atwater Village, these cookies are the best in the city! Buttery vanilla shortbread and traditional biscotti are just about the best gift you can give. 

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Bubbles + Cookies

Their Cred

Proof Bakery opened in 2010 by chef/owner Na Young Ma in Atwater Village, in a space that housed a bakery for almost as long as most locals can remember. In 2021, Proof Bakery entered into a new era: It is now a worker cooperative owned and managed by the working employees of the bakery.