J Brix | Stay in Bed Red

’nuff said

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No explanation necessary – this wine is made to be something everyone can love, with no fuss. It’s for when the kids are at a sleepover, or the house was just cleaned, or you just ordered pizza, or you’re about the binge the new season of White Lotus. Selecting wines from barrels that husband and wife winemakers, Jody and Emily, knew would play best together, this is juicy, velvety, and smooth as silk. Dreamy. So stay in bed.

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Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah


San Diego, California



Delicious With

This red blend is built to pair across a variety of foods – the Merlot and Syrah will stand up to heartier meats like steak, burgers, and braised pork, while the Pinot Noir brings brightness that matches higher acid tomato sauces, and dark-fleshed seafood like salmon and tuna. Also delicious with pizza, pasta, meatballs in tomato sauce, and grilled salmon with lentils.