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A surprisingly delicious place for Pinot Noir

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Pinot Noir from the Sancerre region of France is like Oregon meets Santa Barbara. (Or if you want to keep it French, like Burgundy meets the South of France.) It has that depth, structure and spice of cooler climate Oregon, but also a softer, riper, more approachable fruitiness of Santa Barbara. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds! This one is also a stunning value from the prestigious Sancerre region, where most of the wines are Sauvignon Blanc, but some of the best Pinot Noirs are also made.

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Pinot Noir


Organic and Biodynamic


Sancerre, Loire Valley, France



Delicious With

Simple poached salmon or seared tuna. Great pairing with the classic Burgundian dishes, beef stew or rack of lamb. Because this wine can pair light or heavy, it’s a beautiful match for a big holiday spread. Classic turkey, ham, roasted squash, nuts, and creamy cheeses are all gorgeous pairings.

Their Cred

The Fouassier family is one of the oldest wine growing families in the Loire Valley… and they don’t take their history for granted in the slightest. With their 10th generation now managing the estate, Benoît and Paul proudly continue their family tradition of organic farming and biodynamic principles; minimal intervention is their key to great wine. Working with a variety of soil types throughout Sancerre, from chalky limestone to flinty clay, they expertly grow and vinify their grapes carefully to express the unique mineral composition of each plot.