Fernweh | Trinkvergnügen

Drinks like a boozy hibiscus tea

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This wine is for those looking for a Rosé that drinks with red wine complexity. The texture on this is sublime, mouth-coating, with a richness of fruit, wildly aromatic, and endless layers of savory dried tea and herb. For anyone who loves a Long Island Iced Tea, this is like that but amped up with hibiscus tea, rose petals, crushed strawberry and summer herbs (basil so fresh your fingers stain with aroma). It’s like pepper jelly - extracted and complex.

PS. The name of this wine, ‘Trinkvergnügen’ is pronounced like the slogan in the 90s Volkswagen commercial, Fahrvergnügen /’far-fig-new-gen’/, meaning the pleasure of driving. Trinkvergnügen translates to ‘the pleasure of drinking’. And oh how this delivers!

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Cabernet Franc


Alisos Canyon, CA



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Sip this in the garden with friends and fresh fare. Pairs like a dream with a caprese salad. Fresh ingredients and clean flavors help lift this wine up nicely. With so many layers to this terracotta-hued wine, enjoy it with foods without a ton of spice – simple pizza or pasta dishes, milky cheeses like fresh mozzarella or ricotta, or simply grilled veggies. 

Their Cred

Fernweh, /’fern-vee’/ noun (German) from Fern (“far”) +‎ Weh (“pain”). Can be literally translated as “farsickness” or longing for far-off places. An aching for travel, exploration and the unknown. These wines are inspired by travel and everyday adventures - driven by daydreams and the belief that anything is possible. The grapes are sourced from biodynamic farms in Santa Barbara County. The wine is a new project from Sebastian Lowa, a German expat, who found his love of wine while camping and surfing up the California Coast with his wife Claire. Every bottle bursts with adventure and cures the longing for a new experience.