Fernweh | Syrah

A rich sand-ripened Syrah

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Umweg means “detour,” as in “taking the scenic route.” Grown on a ancient sand dune, this vineyard houses vines that have to seriously dig for water. This stress on the vine, makes for the most flavorful, scrumptiously concentrated fruit with a complexity of flavors rarely seen from a Syrah at this price. Ripe plum, buttery black olive, slight smokiness like a sweet charred ember, with a big, soft, rich mouthfeel. Santa Barbara Syrah at its best!

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Certified Organic


Shokrian Vineyard, Santa Barbara, California



Delicious With

Great with Mediterranean classic dishes and spices. Lamb chops! Smokey eggplant dip, like Baba Ganoush, five-spice rubbed ribs, kebabs, grilled peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Their Cred

Fernweh, /’fern-vee’/ noun (German) from Fern (“far”) +‎ Weh (“pain”). Can be literally translated as “farsickness” or longing for far-off places. An aching for travel, exploration and the unknown. These wines are inspired by travel and everyday adventures - driven by daydreams and the belief that anything is possible. The grapes are sourced from biodynamic farms in Santa Barbara County. The wine is a new project from winemaker, Sebastian Lowa, a German expat, who found his love of wine while camping and surfing up the California Coast with his wife Claire. They are involved in every aspect of the wine- the harvest, foot stomping, winemaking, and story behind each wine label. Every bottle bursts with adventure and cures the longing for a new experience.