Fernweh | Spatzi Clairette Blanche

A California homage to Southern France

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Everything about this wine is beautiful and bright! Made as a love letter to his wife, Claire, winemaker Sebastian (a German native now living in California) created this rare single varietal California Clairette Blanche, typically used as a blending grape in Southern French whites. Clairette literally means ‘clear light,’ perfectly describing this wine’s crisp, clean summery brightness. It’s sparky and minerally like ice cold mountain spring water with a big burst of wild flower blossoms, fresh fennel, crunchy green apple, sour pineapple and salty lime. The whole thing stays light in your mouth and still manages a touch of richness hinting at those found in the Rhône.

Fun Fact: ‘Spatzi’ is the German name for small sparrow – a term of endearment in German and what he affectionately calls his wife Claire 🥰

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Clairette Blanche




Martian Ranch, Alisos Canyon, California



Delicious With

The light fresh fennel note is fun to play with here – serve with shaved fennel and Parmesan salad or baked salmon with fennel and white wine. Also great with fresh veggies like a crudité platter with simple vinaigrette or a summer fresh Panzanella salad.

Their Cred

Fernweh, /’fern-vee’/ noun (German) from Fern (“far”) +‎ Weh (“pain”). Can be literally translated as “farsickness” or longing for far-off places. An aching for travel, exploration and the unknown. These wines are inspired by travel and everyday adventures - driven by daydreams and the belief that anything is possible. The grapes are sourced from biodynamic farms in Santa Barbara County. The wine is a new project from winemaker, Sebastian Lowa, a German expat, who found his love of wine while camping and surfing up the California Coast with his wife Claire. They are involved in every aspect of the harvest, foot stomping, winemaking, and story behind each wine label. Every bottle bursts with adventure and cures the longing for a new experience.