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A spicy day-drinker

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Don’t let the dark color of this wine deceive you – think of it like a rosé, a chilled red, whatever you need to do to get this out of the traditional red wine world in your mind. Winemaker and natural wine sage, Tracey Brandt, has developed a fresh take on this classically moody wine. From a high-elevation vineyard in El Dorado (which means cooler temps and some perkier grapes), this wine is sweet and spicy cherry cola, with a pepper kick topped with pickled watermelon rind. It’s a flavor explosion that begs for some inventive food combinations.

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Donkey & Goat




El Dorado, California (east of Sacramento)



Our Best Advice

Reframe your idea of wine defined by color with this chilled red

Delicious With

Our friends at Donkey & Goat basically demand that this wine be paired with PIZZA!! Topped with a creamy white sauce, spicy sausage, caramelized onions and mushrooms….or choose your own toppings! And we couldn’t agree more.

Their Cred

In November 2009, winemaker, Tracey Brandt shared the philosophy that drives the multitude of decisions Donkey & Goat winery makes as it relates to wine. This was actually a midnight rant over email to a wine buyer but her passion was so evident that they started sharing it as their manifesto. She writes… “We make our wines for the table not the cocktail glass. We make Rhône varietals in both colors plus an unusual Chardonnay. We (my husband and winemaking partner Jared and I) strive to make wine as naturally as possible. We’ve done so since Day One. Of late, natural is fashionable, which we do of course appreciate, but the reality is we’ve done this from the start because we feel it makes a superior wine while aligning with our environmental objectives.”