Dominik Held | Sauvignon Blanc

German winemaker redefines Sauv Blanc

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Insatiably good! Can’t get enough – flavor layers for days! As the front label describes, it's “like sliced lemons sprinkled with salt," followed by a juicy burst -- like raining candied citrus, in a fluffy spiced apple bread. From a 25 year old winemaker in his debut vintage, this wine redefines Sauvignon Blanc. A young German visionary who has already caught the attention of fellow winemakers around the world. This wine continues to grow as it breathes, so crack it open when guests arrive and sip on it all night.

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Dominik Held


Sauvignon Blanc


Rheinhessen, Germany



Delicious With

There is a succulent ripeness about this wine that pairs well with seafood pasta, lobster macaroni and cheese or lobster rolls, California sushi rolls (great with crab!), artichoke dip, and grilled chicken Caesar Salad.