Domaine l'Ecu | 'Janus' Chardonnay

Transport to a French cellar

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Good traditional French wines like this really take you there. And there is wherever the wine is from, or wherever you have had a wine like this – it will transport you. It’s a straight-from-the-wine-cellar experience meaning the wine has a slight funk, a slightly nutty, bruised apple, and pie filling flavor. Great mineral freshness too! Without being oaky, it’s light on its feet and keeps you sipping for more. It’s sit-around-the-table and eat yummy food wine. Or holiday-time-afternoon-enjoy-a-glass-and-munch time.

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Dom l'Ecu




Organic, Biodynamic


Loire Valley, France



Delicious With

Delicious with pork, mushrooms, Comté cheese, walnuts, and butternut squash soup. Reminiscent of the wines from Jura, so the slight oxidation pairs with mellow earthy flavors, but also has enough zip and acidity to stand up to lemony, briny, or creamy foods, like Greek Avgolemono soup or creamy chicken in crème fresh and white wine sauce.