Domaine du Cellier des Cray | La Cuvée des Gueux Blanc

French Pop Rocks for the Sauvignon Blanc fan

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Smells like crystals – and tastes the way we imagine they would too. Gorgeous bright crispy, juicy citrus, with a Pop Rocks-type energy. Punchy and filled with slightly tropical star fruit and a hint of tart guava. The ultimate wine for a Sauv Blanc fan (but, more fun since it’s made with a one of our favorite French white grapes called Jacquère).

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Domaine du Cellier des Cray




Savoie, France



Delicious With

The vibrant acidity of the Jacquère grape lends itself to other tart flavors like green apples or tart feta cheese. Or contrast with a creaminess of avocado or cheesy gratin potato dishes. Almonds, especially buttery Marcona Almonds, are beautiful with this wine. Try with salty and tangy foods like Thai green mango salad topped with peanuts.