Domaine du Cellier des Cray | La Cuvée des Gueux Rouge

Meet Mendeuse, our new favorite red grape

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Unbelievable aroma! Dusty soft, chewy cranberry and blackberry jam. Made mostly of Mendeuse, a grape local to the Savoie region, this wine is meant to please. Truly the perfect glass of ‘red’ that’s big enough to satisfy a Cab drinker, but clean and bright enough to surprise a Pinot Noir or lighter-style wine fan.

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Mondeuse, Persan




Savoie, France



Delicious With

Great with well-seasoned meats like Mediterranean kebab, peppered flank steak, or dry rubbed ribs. Will stand up to earthy, aged cow and sheep milk cheeses like P’tit Basque.

Their Cred

In Chignin, located between Albertville (site of the 1992 Olympics) and Chambery (site of the world's finest vermouth), Adrien Berlioz produces several terroir-defined wines from his precariously-sloped, organically-farmed vines. In addition to wine, he keeps himself busy harvesting apples from his orchard and bottling honey collected by his bee-keeping wife.