Domaine Alain Jeanniard | 2018 Nuits-Saint-Georges

Like a black tie Pinot Noir event

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This wine is an elegant night out. It’s richly-colored, made of the only the best – feels like layers and sequins. Crimson, with a hint of mauve, this wine tastes like a bakery of flavors.

With barely two years in the bottle, there’s a fresh, youthful vibe here. When matured, a leathery, truffle, dried fruit component develops. Until then, a rose and liquorice, chewy strawberry gown is about to dress your tongue. Enjoy this fancy night out!

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Domaine Alain Jeanniard


Pinot Noir



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Delicious With

This Pinot Noir will firmly coat the flavors in a heaty protein. So, meat, fish, and soft, rich cheeses are fair matches with this elegant and powerful wine. Its normal partners would be any meat that’s full-flavored and virile (roast lamb, ribeye, or duck breast). Soft-centered cheeses in the style of Époisses or St. Marcellin. Wonderful with mushrooms of any kind. Roasting brings out the meaty character, but any cooking method for mushrooms works nicely with the umami flavors in this Pinot.

Their Cred

Jeanniard has been a family of viticulture (wine growing) since 1755, so they’re well versed in the nuances between each appellation in Burgundy. For the past 20 years, Domaine Jeanniard has slowly grown its vineyard holdings and farming and now make wine from 17 acers, across 10 appellations. Despite the wide variety of wines they make, total production is only about 3,000 cases – meaning each bottling totals just a couple hundred cases at most.