Davide Spillare | Crestan Garganega

A soave party white

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Super clean, super light, in the most refreshing way. Garganega is the main grape of Soave (swah-vay) and known for its soft easy drinking quality. It’s a total entertaining wine. This wine has so much character upfront packed with zippy honeydew and a little tangerine. Then it’s just cool and crisp, slightly salty with a hint of freshly picked marjoram herb.

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Veneto, Italy



Delicious With

Great with lighter fare like white meats, tofu, or white fish like tilapia or cod. Complements citrus dressings, fresh aromatic herbs like tarragon, cilantro, marjoram, or thyme.

Their Cred

Davide Spillare works about ten acres of his family’s vineyards, located behind his home and winery, buried in the village labyrinth of Gambellara. An early apprentice to the well-known natural wine pioneer Angiolino Maule, Davide readily adopted Maule’s ideas for his parents’ winery. Biodynamic viticulture and the complete abatement of technology in the cellar are the hallmarks of his philosophy, but more importantly, when it comes to the character of his wines. He uses spontaneous fermentation and avoids filtration, fining and sulfur. Despite the lack of added sulfur, Davide’s wines are elegant and clean, a testament to his craft which evolved from some less than expected results in his early years, as he freely admits.