Davide Spillare | L1 Frizzante

A wildly refreshing labor of love

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Huge punch with bright fresh peach rings. Zippy acidity, that makes you salivate for more. This lightly opaque pét-nat, or naturally sparkling wine, is made from an indigenous Italian grape called Garganega, with a splash of Durella. L1 is the medical term for the vertebrae that vineyard manager and winemaker, Davide Spillare, herniated one day in a tractor incident. In a nod to his labor of love, the experience gave rise to this wine and its name.

Davide was an early apprentice to well-known natural wine pioneer Angiolino Maule. Davide uses what’s known as a zero-zero approach – meaning zero added sulfur and zero intervention in the winemaking (no filtering, no fining) – so this is as natural as it gets.

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Garganega, Durella


Veneto, Italy



Our Best Advice

Crack this open the moment your friends arrive!

Delicious With

Crudités and hummus, fried risotto balls, zucchini fritters, or French fries and aioli. Also a great wine for salad entrées. Gently shake up the yeasts from the bottom of the bottle for a cloudy wine with some extra bite.

Their Cred

Davide Spillare works about ten acres of his family’s vineyards, located behind his home and winery, buried in the village labyrinth of Gambellara. An early apprentice to the well-known natural wine pioneer Angiolino Maule, Davide readily adopted Maule’s ideas for his parents’ winery. Biodynamic viticulture and the complete abatement of technology in the cellar are the hallmarks of his philosophy, but more importantly, when it comes to the character of his wines. He uses spontaneous fermentation and avoids filtration, fining and sulfur. Despite the lack of added sulfur, Davide’s wines are elegant and clean, a testament to his craft which evolved from some less than expected results in his early years, as he freely admits.