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Daniel Schweizer | Burg + Berg

If Pinot Noir and Syrah took a romantic vacation

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Winemaker, Daniel Schweizer, is a sustainable farming visionary and his wine production is so tiny, the bottles are numbered.  Using only horses to farm and willow clippings to tie back his vines, this wine is truly something to savor. A blend of Syrah and a local German variety called Samrot, which is a mutation of Pinot Munier that tastes very similar to a modern day Pinot Noir. You get all the aromatics of a Pinot Noir and the body of a Syrah, without being heavy in the mouth. It’s pure velvet, a touch of fresh leathery goodness, and super clean on the finish.

Delicious With

This wine is fresher, bigger and more complex than many New World Pinots, which pairs it wonderfully with earthy notes in mushrooms, cream sauces, or dishes with layered flavors like Moroccan tajine, or Sicilian recipes with nuts, dried fruit, and warm baking spices.

Their Cred

Winery   Schweizer

Type   Syrah, Samtrot

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Wurttemberg, Germany

Alcohol   12.6%