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Colle Petruccio | Toscano Bianco

Tuscan coastline in a bottle

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This wine is the wild coastline of Tuscany in a bottle – where the sun meets the salty winds of the Tyrrhenian Sea in this full-bodied white. Made from fresh pressed Vermentino with a touch of Trebbiano and Malvasia, this wine is as natural as it gets. It’s grown a quick 20-minute drive from the shore on some particularly rocky soils in Maremma. This is a charming white wine with a creamy texture and gobs of fruit - big tangerine, salted apricot, jasmine and a hint of butterscotch. Unctuous, and deliciously easy to drink.

Delicious With

Seafood, fresh herb sauces like pesto, pork tenderloin, white fish, salads and vegetable pasta dishes. Especially good with artichokes (which are notoriously difficult to pair with wine) and fennel.

Their Cred

Winemaker Sandro was destined to viticulture and winemaking from a very young age. He started his journey in the early 70s with the cultivation of grapes and winemaking in Calabria, his homeland. After completing his studies, he moved to Rome and dedicated himself to becoming a great lawyer. Over the years the grind of the city life wore on him and in the late 90s his old passion for wine making got the upper hand. He gave up his law practice and followed his passion back to the vineyards and cellar. He moved to Maremma, which is the wild coastline of Tuscany, and fulfilled his dream of slowing down, being outside in the beautiful rugged countryside, growing grapes and producing wine.

Winery   Colle Petruccio

Type   Vermentino, Trebbiano, Malvasia Bianca

Sustainability   Organic

Origin   Maremma, Tuscany, Italy

Alcohol   13.5%